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4th International Mountain Race

The International Mountain Race Psiloritis, except the uniqueness of Crete, is offering a unique mountain endurance sporting experience and adventure in the place where Zeus brought up.

Welcome to the 4th International Mountain Race "Psiloritis Race" which offers the opportunity to get to know the indisputable beauty of the Cretan Landscape and experience the unique and exciting character of the mountain along with a unique vigorous seven-hour race.

35 km and 8.5 km

The starting line is in Nida area almost 35km from the Rethymno city in Crete

Sunday, 2nd of June 2013

Because runners can enjoy an athletic meeting that forwards physical activity in touch with the breathtaking landscape of the Psiloritis mountain as well as that of the immediate area surrounding it.

Contact us and we will make you an unbeatable offer to suit your needs and preferences:
We offer several options varying from short weekend breaks in Rethymnon including your entry to the race, to a full vacation plan in Rethymnon and the surrounding area!
Moreover, we can offer you training plans, actual training in the streets and routes of Rethymnon and of course we will run with you!

For more information and detail please call: +30 6978 524 433
Or email: info[@]

We are looking forward to hearing from you!
Happy runs!
Race Date
Sunday, 2nd of June 2013

Event Schedule
Start Time: 07.30 am.

Ascent Altitude difference: 1654m
Descent altitude difference: 2342m
Difficulty level: Experienced only
Finishing time limit: 7 hours
Distances: 35 km and 8.5 km

Nonprofit association "Psiloritis Race" with the kind support of the prefecture of Rethymno

Entry Fee
Your participation to the race is paid and secured by RunninGreece.
The participation includes the following benefits:
- Participation diploma
- Commemorative Medal for participation
- Commemorative t-shirt
- Race bag
- Pasta party

Deadline registration
Registration is open until the maximum number of 300 participants is reached. Participation can be obtained via online registration.

The Race route is divided as follows:
1. Ground16500m
2. Path 15500m
3. Asphalt 3000m

The race start point is Nida’s plateau, the highest plateau in Crete (average altitude, 1400 m.) The name comes from the articulation of the words "stin Ida", meaning "at Ida", where Ida is the second name of Psiloritis mountain.
The view of the plateau and the feeling that’s created from all the infertile summits around you, trying to reach up the sky, makes right inside you the reason why the spirit of the cretan man transmuted to a deity, why Zeus connected his name with that area…Nida of myths.Nearby, there’s a sculpture made of stone called "the rebel of Peace", stands for reminding the resistance of the villages around. (Place for warming up).

A few meters higher, there’s a dirt road passing by Ideon Antron, a cavern with a great archeological interest. Zeus’s crying, the noise of the shields that Kourites were whacking according to the myth, Amalthia’s horn of plenty (cornucopia) and so many other legends for that place, brought up generations of pilgrims from all over Greece.
That cave was already a cult site (sanctuary) by the end of the 4th millennium BC and continued being one with distinctive prosperity periods during the Late Minoan, the Geometric and the Roman years; all the offerings that were found there proved that.

The marking of the European path E4 leads us after 2.5 km by an uphill couloir with a southwest route to a location called Akolita, a minor plateau, crossroad for most of the paths that lead to the summit of Psilorits. There runners can see a lot of mitata, small stone lodgings with a characteristic architecture (protect shepherds from cold temperatures or rain, storage of milk and cheese). From Akolita, runners continue uphill to meet a second couloir, leaving behind us a col called "sela tou Digeni" (Digenis’ saddle) and the summit called "Mavri Korfi" (Black summit).

The wildness of the landscape offers serenity to the soul in a strange way and the view is already really special while runners traverse Agathias (2424 m ) from the north side and after that, they finally have a visual contact with the summit, Timios Stavros (Rood), the fist target. When runners get to the top, they can see the little church, dedicated to The Holy Rood and to Apostles Peter and Paul, built on 1900 AD, also very famous for the holy cross, that anyone who wishes could stop to see.
The view from up there is literally breathtaking, since runners can see almost the whole island: from the west side the impressive White Mountains (also called Madares by the locals), to the east is Dikti (Lassithi mountains), to the south the biggest plain of Crete, Messara and the cordillera of Asterousia Mountains by the Libyan Sea and to the north the city of Heraklion and Rethymnon by the Cretan Sea.

From this point starts the descent, always following the marking E4 trail until runners reach Kalogrades, another plateau with dense undergrowth right opposite to Kedros mnt (1777 m) and the fascinating sight of the Paximadia islets placed in the Libyan sea and even western Gavdos Island and Gavdopoula islet, the southest point of Europe.
After Kalogrades, at Toumpotos Prinos location (1500 m altitude) participants meet the shelter of the mountaineering club of Rethymno, which was built on 1984 and has availability for 30 beds.
There’s one tree there, a great holm oak (that’s what prinos means) which pleasurably predispose for Pardi, a wood which starts some meters lower. From that point, the path stops and a dirt road of 13 km leads runners to Kouroutes, their final destination. Just 3 km from the shelter there is a small cave, which its entrance is not clearly visible, due to roadwork that took place the past few years, but once, it was an entrance to a cave with stalactites and stalagmites. Mountains of Crete abound of caves; apart from that it’s known that Crete has the most caves in Greece and the deepest cave chasm in Europe.

After that runners enter Pardi, the impressive holm oak woodland of Psiloritis with so old trees perfectly harmonized to the landscape. The final destination is approaching; after they pass Mesoskouro and 2.5 km before the termination point, at a location called Lakoudia, runners start see the houses and the olive trees of people that live in Kouroutes.

Health Coverage
In any case all runners participate solely at their own risk. The organizers have no responsibility for whatever happens to the runners related to health issues or is due to lack of preventive medical check. It is highly recommended that the participants undergo a thorough medical examination before entering the race. The organizers will not ask for medical certificates from any athlete (male and female), since they all participate at their own exclusive risk and responsibility (children are at the liability of their parents or guardians). We will also provide offers for special health checkup for all runners, and members of their families.

Aid Stations
Catering Station Table for the Psiloriti Race

Stations Kilometers Distance Altitude
Nida START POINT 0 m 1366 m
Nida 1st STATION 5000 m 1349 m
Nida 2nd STATION 10000 m 1430 m
Akolita 3rd STATION 12500 m 1836 m
Loyki 4th STATION 15000 m 2203 m
Korifi - Timios Stavros 5th CENTRAL STATION 18500 m 2456 m
Kalogrades 6th STATION 20000 m 1950 m
Katafygio 7th CENTRAL STATION 22500 m 1495 m
Spilia 8th STATION 25000 m 1223 m
Pardi 9th STATION 27500 m 958 m
Mesoskoyro 10th STATION 30000 m 777 m
Lakoydia 11th STATION 32500 m 661 m
Koyroytes FINISH POINT 35000 m 523 m

A commemorative medal of participation will be given to all runners who finish the race.
The awarded athletes are described below:

Men Women
M1: 18-29 years W1: 18-29 years
M2: 30-39 years W2: 30-39 years
M3: 40-49 years W3: 40-49 years
M4: 50-59 years W4: 50-59 years
M5: 60 & years above W5: 60 & years above

A precondition for the top athletes of the age-groups of both sexes so to be awarded is the presence of at least 6 of them at the finishing point.

Simple Running Offer: from €70 » BOOK NOW
The Simple offer is addressed to those who wish to come and stay in Rethymnon on their own. It includes all the logistics of the race entry, pasta party, transportation to and from the starting line, tips and advice for the specific race, training schedule depending on your personal targets and safe keeping of your belonging during the race. If you really want to feel like a champion, we are here to support you!

Running Offer: from €250 » BOOK NOW
This offer is ideal for those who want to experience Greece the “running way”, and get the most out of their visit in Rethymnon. We have selected the ideal locations for you, and we will suggest you the ideal vacation plan. It includes the round trip from Rethymnon to starting line and the hotel arrangements in Rethymnon. It also includes your registration to the race and all the logistics of the race entry, pasta party, transportation to and from the starting line, tips and advice for the specific race, training schedule depending on your personal targets, safe keeping of your belonging during the race, suggested vacation plan for all the days that you will be in Rethymnon, and many more! It starts from €250 per person (runner or not) for a three days/two-nights accommodation in a 4star hotel. If you wish to stay longer, you may add as many nights as you want for an additional €60 per night per person.

Special Running Offer » Get a Custom Quote
Please tell us all your requirements and preferences, how many days you want to spend in Rethymnon, what other places you wish to visit and we will come back with a tailor-made offer specific for you! We can add trainings, running tours, car/bike rental, excursions, family activities and many more. In any case our offer will include the hotel arrangements, transportation to and from your hotel, participation to the race and all the logistics of the race entry, pasta party, transportation to and from the starting line, tips and advice for the specific race, training schedule depending on your personal targets, safe keeping of your belonging during the race and suggested vacation plan for all the days that you will be in Rethymnon.

Group Running Offer » Get a Custom Quote
If you are a group of people, please tell us all your requirements, how many of you are running, what you like and what you do not like and we will come back with a tailor-made offer specific for you and your company! We can add trainings, running tours, car/bike rental, excursions, family activities and many more. In any case our offer will include the hotel arrangements, transportation to and from your hotel, participation to the race and all the logistics of the race entry, pasta party, transportation to and from the starting line, tips and advice for the specific race, training schedule depending on your personal targets, safe keeping of your belonging during the race and suggested vacation plan for all the days that you will be in Rethymnon.
The Prefecture of Rethymno is the heart of the island of Crete and is one of the most beautiful places in Greece.
Rethymno is a place blessed with beauty, embraced by breathtaking mountains and the deep blue of the Mediterranean, decorated with renaissance colors and inhabited by people known for their hospitality, honoring their ancestors and traditions. Rethymnon offers the demanding traveler a variety of activities as well as many experiences related to the history, culture and natural environment of the region. A natural environment of rare beauty, a variety of picturesque routes to follow in the city, countless kilometers of coastline, beautiful beaches and a vibrant historical and cultural tradition, are some of the unique experiences available to travelers, introducing them to the Cretan spirit and lifestyle.
The race is taking place at Psiloritis or Ida Mountain which was regarded as a legendary and sacred mountain in ancient times. It is the highest mountain in Crete (2,456 m) and one of the highest in Greece.

Rethymno combines rarely united features: the old town's charm and history, with proximity to a long sandy beach.
Although it is the third largest town in Crete, Rethimnon never feels like a city as Chania and Heraklion do.Instead, it has a provincial air; it's a place that moves slowly and the most important preserves much of its Venetian and Turkish appearance.

There are two sides to Rethymno offering two styles of visit: the endless big beach hotel strip that stretches from the east end of Rethymno, lapping up the coastal "villages" of Perivolia, Platanias, Adelianos Kambos, Pigianos Kambos, Sfakaki, Stavromenos and Skaleta - and - the Rethymno that allows you the character of the old town with its mix of architecture and history, cultural influences and styles ranging from Venetian to Ottoman empire. We present the second and more romantic choice - leaving the all-inclusive beach and booze tours to others.
"Before leaving the beach, we should mention that there are other visitors - the turtles. Turtles are regular visitors along the beaches of Rethymno and return between June and August to lay their eggs each year.
Rethymno's harbour area is a fine place for a coffee at one of the cafes and perhaps you will chance to eat there, just for the atmosphere. Look out from the harbour edge at the state of the buildings and seeing the abuse of this historic area you may be disappointed - perhaps you should suggest a renovation or two!

The Fortress dominates the city and makes Rethymno very photogenic, its pedestrian streets below, strewn with charming old buildings. Venetian influences abound and the minarets and domed mosques remind of the Turkish influence long gone.
Venturing outside the town, some days you will visit dramatic gorges, monasteries, time-trodden villages with ancient churches, the south coast Libyan sea, spectacular mountains of Psiloritis and the Lefka Ori (White Mountains).

For Rethymno provides you with an advantageous pivotal point on the island, allowing you to range across the centre of Crete and have enough to discover for weeks!

Rethymno's convenient aspect is that it is nearly equidistant from both main airports, Chania and Heraklion - meaning many more flight options (you can fly into either airport, whichever suits you). See flight information.

Outside Rethymno:
For really sublime views over Rethymno and surrounding areas, including dramatic sea vistas, head uphill following signs to Agia Irini. On the way, after a little over a kilometer and a half, stop at a church above you on the right – there is a driveway up to it, though the gate for cars is often locked you can still walk up, see the church and enjoy this magnificent viewpoint.

Continue on to Agia Irini monastery and a quiet, tranquil visit is there for you. Hours: 09.00-13.00 and 16.00-sunset daily. Ring bell only during those hours if you would like to visit. The Monastery (nunnery) is very recently restored. Restoration started in 1989. Its origin is 927 AD. The shop offers - with loom in view - their own hand made linens and woven pieces, jams, cards and hand-painted icons. The monastery is small and a place for a quiet visit.

Two of the major monasteries of Crete and amongst its most sought and visited, Arkadi and Preveli monastery are medium distance outings.

Other visits: Armeni minoan site, Argyroupoli (ancient Lappa) where the sound of water from springs cascades through this refreshing, taverna-laden village. Eleftherna, Axos, Zominthos archaeological sites.
Amongst the significantly enjoyable, old and historic villages: Episkopi, Spili, Amari (valley), Monastiraki, Anogia.
On the south coast visit: Plakias, Rodakino, Schinaria, Preveli beach, Agia Galini, Agios Pavlos. Where inland leads out, the gorge of Prassano (from Prasses village), and where land leads inwards, the Melidoni and Sfendoni caves.
See the only sizable lake in Crete, Lake Kournas, with eating places along its edge, and cafes above from which to gaze at the view. Enjoy the lake itself in a paddle boat (at last, some fun for the kids!).

Extensive beaches stretch east of Rethymno itself - some with scattered large hotels alongside, or cafes or...just beach.

For more information about Rethymno and the around area, please contact us and we are more than happy to share with you our favorite spots and places….

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