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Category: Mainland

Runningreece participates to a series of meetings around Greece from Athens and Thessaloniki, to small and big islands, Crete, Naxos, Paros and Antiparos, Alonissos, Lefkas, Corfu and all known and popular destinations. 

We also participate to meetings in Olympia, Parnitha, Mainalo, the Parnassus and all the major mountains of Greece
For every destination we guarantee that you are offered a rich cultural program full of visits to archaeological sites or sites of great historical importance and natural beauty, so as to learn more about the place you are visiting. 

Apart from meetings, races and locations that you can find on our website, if there is a specific place you want, or you have already planned to visit, please let us know and we would love to find and offer you a customized package that suits you.

20 Ιουλ 2019 Ευρυτάνειος Αγώνας Δρόμου

Ο ‘’Ευρυτάνειος Δρόμος ’’ παρέχει έναν από τους πιο μαγευτικούς αγώνες δρόμου, καθώς οι δρομείς θα τρέξουν αναμέσα από έλατα και πλατάνια πάντα με θέα τα βουνά της Ευρυτανείας και τον Κρικελλοπόταμο. Είτε θέλετε να ξεκουραστείτε είτε να περάσετε από μια σειρά δραστηριοτήτων, και φυσικά να συμμετάσχετε σε αυτόν τον εκπληκτικό αγώνα, το Κρίκελλο είναι το ιδανικό μέρος.
Περισσότερες και αναλυτικές πληροφορίες θα βρείτε στην ιστοσελίδα της διοργάνωσης

Επίσης μπορείτε να κάνετε κατευθείαν εγγραφή, να επιλέξετε κάποια από τις ταξιδιωτικές προτάσεις ή να χρησιμοποιήσετε τη νέα μας υπηρεσία Stay και να κάνετε μόνοι σας κράτηση στο ξενοδοχείο ή δωμάτιο της επιλογή σας!

Details Registrations until : Πεμ, 11 Ιουλ 2019


15 Σεπ 2019 Parnitha Lake Run

A unique event, Parnitha Lake Run, offers runners from all over the world the opportunity to run in the foothills of Parnitha Mountain, where the 6K and 10K races are taking place around the majestic Lake of Beletsi and experience first-hand why Parnitha is one of the most famous destination among locals all year around.
Details Registrations until : Κυρ, 01 Σεπ 2019


22 Σεπ 2019 Ioannina Lake Run 2019

Run the ’Ioannina Lake Run’ and to explore the vivid city of Ioannina, surrounded by abundant natural beauty and endowed with rich historical evidence and experience running along the lakeside of Pamvotis lake. Run the biggest race of 30km lakeside flat asphalt path and achieve your Personal Best!

In addition, the flat route will enable you to achieve a Personal Best!
Details Registrations until : Κυρ, 01 Σεπ 2019


11 Οκτ 2019 Navarino Challenge 2019

"Navarino Challenge" is multiple award-winning sports event (running, swimming, SUP) which aims to increasse awareness regarding childhood obesity and the benefits of healthy living.  Supported by the worldwide famous long distance runner, Dean Karnazes and various popular Greek athletes. It is taking place Navarino area in Messenia, Peloponnese one of the most beautiful and unspoiled landscapes in Greece and it is suported and facilitated by the well known Costa Navarino resort. 

Details Registrations until : Παρ, 13 Σεπ 2019


20 Οκτ 2019 Vartzakeios Run in Piraeus

The Vartzakeios Run in Piraeus is a running event taking place in a very interesting area offering a great experience along the seaside of Athens.
Details Registrations until : Τρι, 01 Οκτ 2019


26 Οκτ 2019 Meteora Trail Run

The Meteora Trail Run is a unique chance to experience the 'Greece’s city in the sky' with the most captivating views at place 'out of this world'. A location with immense, breathtaking rock formations, 'sculpted' by the very hand of God is characterized by U.N.E.S.C.O as a “monument of Humanity that has to be maintained“. Meteora is one of Christianity’s holiest places as well as a landscape of outstanding natural beauty.
Details Registrations until : Τρι, 01 Οκτ 2019


05 Απρ 2020 Plastira Lake Trail Race

The Plastira Lake Trail Race is offering some of the most magical trail races in a place which is considered a miracle of man and nature and offers a variety of activities so to explore the magical landscape.
Details Registrations until : Κυρ, 29 Μαρ 2020


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